Women in Leadership




CBCC Women in Leadership
Women in Leadership celebrates women in Western Sydney doing amazing things in leadership and industry. In the spirit of the Canterbury Bankstown Chamber, this event embodied our values of Togetherness, Collaboration, Perseverance and Success!
Our Focus

Mental Health

Mental Health & Wellness

Small business owners are well known to overwork themselves. As the driving force of their business, taking a break is never easy. The CBCC tackles mental health – the stress, the ongoing uptime, what it means to have a support network with peers who understand your unique status and discuss strategies to overcome your wellness pain points.


Networking and Sales

Knowing the right partners, suppliers, peers, mentors and associates can make or break a business. Networking and supporting one another in generating both buy and sell opportunities is crucial in small businesses. The CBCC connects members with other members for mutual support, creating genuine friendships and collaborations.


Leadership and Training

The Round Table is both a mentor and mentee program to develop leadership skills between members and learn the leadership tips for business. As an SME owner, manager or employee, your values, culture and beliefs define your workplace. Gain strategies that can be used in your business and workplace, understanding what truly makes a team effective and your vision realised.

Set up unlimited membership levels, whether they are free, paid, or recurring subscriptions. Offer trial periods and discount pricing.
There are 3 round tables, 3 times a year. Each round consists of three meetings between the groupmates, with 6 weeks in-between to improve and collate your response, improvements and judge actionable outcomes, allowing time for you to measure the benefits of the Round Table in your workplace or business. By understanding any new or unresolved issues that can be further brainstormed with your Round Table Group, each new Round solves new issues that progress and transform with your business.

Meeting #1

The first meeting is the Ice-Breaker meeting, where every member shares their contacts and share information about their businesses. Each group will then proceed in setting objectives on what the group wishes to achieve, which pain points need to be talked about and share current business problems for immediate feedback, hints, tips and strategies to settle them.

Meeting #2

After 6 weeks, the Round Table will begin with a debrief of the previous meeting, the issues posed, and whether the advice given solved the problems that were raised. The process begins again, with new issues brought to the table to be brainstormed with the expertise of your group. We begin to summarise the objectives and proposed plans in the first meeting to become actionable for review in the third meeting.

Meeting #3

Debrief time! After debriefing the solutions and issues of the last meeting and evaluating the outcomes in accordance with the goals and objectives set in the first meeting. Members gather around to share their future expectations with the new mindset, friendships and connections with the group, and evaluate the effectiveness of their round at the Round Table.

We are the collective voice of our members. We collect, collate and drive progress through the hard work, collaboration and team-work of our members, the community and government at all levels.


We the Chamber act as thought leaders and lead from the front. We ourselves are innovating and driving efficiency through the use of technology and the nurturing of the entrepreneurial mindset. We lead from the front and assist our membership by increasing technology adoption. 


Many of our members do better in smaller more intimate settings than at our #BA5 or major events of 250+. Round tables are for 8-9 businesses focusing on networking, mental health, support and leadership development. 


We the Chamber support an integrated community of diversity and inclusion. We promote good corporate social responsibility and improving the communities our members operate in. We are agents of change. In 2021 we will tackle CALD issues, gender equality, youth participation, disability employment opportunities and our environment.

Set up unlimited membership levels, whether they are free, paid, or recurring subscriptions. Offer trial periods and discount pricing.