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45 Bryant Street, Padstow NSW 2211


Stareast International provide access to HVAC&R and appliance industries – An Australian owned business that has successfully operated over 40 years. Stareast International provides expertise for both the HVAC and appliance industries:
• Engineered Solutions: Including the design, manufacture, and supply of cool rooms.
• Refrigeration condensing units and spare parts.
• Supply of refrigerants and speciality gases.
• Quality trade tools and equipment such as Testo IAQ certified equipment.
• Quality appliance spare parts and equipment.
• Building Mechanical Consultants – Commercial projects required to meet relevant Australian standards.
• Engineering specialists: Tailor-made solutions such as Evco PLC.
• Design and manufacture of Mechanical Service Switch Boards.
• CAD Design solutions for air conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems.
• Supply of DURKEESOX duct for air-conditioning projects.
• Emerson & Copeland partner for reciprocating compressors and condensing units