CEO for a Day!

Connecting Business Leaders with Future Leaders

Inspiring Dreams with Real Experience

Understand True Leadership Under a Mentor

CBCC CEO for a Day!

CEO for a Day aims to connect local, aspiring Year 10 to 12 students with a Senior Executive in their community, giving them the opportunity to walk in the shoes of a local leader.

Canterbury-Bankstown is known as a blue-collar LGA. Many of our youth don’t realise what the professional world can offer them. This is why the Canterbury Bankstown Chamber of Commerce has started this Initiative: CEO for a Day!

Local business leaders, CEOs, and community leaders will volunteer 3 days across 3 terms to mentor an aspiring Year 10 to 12 student interested in their field. Year 10 to 12 students will shadow their day and walk in the shoes, broadening their horizons, inspire their ambitions, and let them have a taste of what the professional world may be.

Tackling Youth Concerns
Lack of Skills

Our younger generation is commonly unsure whether the skills they have are applicable for a professional workplace. Understanding the value of the skills they have – whether they are communication skills, an initiative to learn, problem-solving or more, we are here to highlight their value and use through watching a professional’s day.

Lack of Experience

Many students struggle with breaking into a highly competitive professional workforce because they often lack experiences to share, especially in a period where Australia’s youth unemployment has hit an all-time high. Gaining experience as a student can be difficult – CEO for a Day provides an opportunity to join a program where students can bolster their opportunities to hone their leadership skills.

Lack of Connections

Networking is undeniably important in the professional field. For children who may be the first in their family to head to university, CALD, low-income and otherwise, the business and professional world can be a mystery. By shadowing a local leader they take their first step in building their first professional connections in an industry they’re interested in pursuing.

Role of a Student


  • Take the initiative to ask questions
  • Engage with mentor’s day as much as possible
  • Observe, broaden their horizons and don’t hesitate to challenge themselves
Role of a Mentor


  • Encourage participation and discussion
  • Set clear expectations and boundaries
  • Organise their day appropriately to showcase their professional leadership
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